Our reporting for CSFF & BCL

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Our reporting for NBB

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Our reporting for Banque de France

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XtensiveB for your tablet

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Software as a service


As mobile as you are

XtensiveB is available in Host, Network and Cloud Version. It runs on Android, Windows and Mac.

Automatic free Software update, free versioning Templates release.

Report as you need

Unlimited Submission Returns at Run Time.

Multi-Language support from English to any other language.

All Templates are “Computer Generated” from their original XBRL Taxonomies Version.

As powerful as you expect

Real-time Calculation, “SFR” Error Checking and Automatic Filling Fixes.

Real-time Text, Filling, Rules Search.

Real-time Print, e-sign, Transmit, Import/Export of .pdf, .xlsx, .xml, .xbrl files.